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Speech & Language Therapy


Hi, I'm Alina

I'm a Speech & Language Therapist & Communication Coach.

I'm passionate about communication & building strong, loving relationships. Growing up, I was fascinated by the power of words & dreamed to one day teach people to speak authentically & powerfully.

I have two decades of experience providing speech & language therapy to children ages 1-7. These days I am passionate about training parents & other therapists the tools I always used to create breakthroughs in communication with children.

I hold an M.S. in Communication Disorders from California State University East Bay, and a Marriage and Family certificate from the Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention, as well as other training certificates in non-violent communication, meditation and domestic harmony. 


Home-based & School-based therapy

The adults in a child's life are the most important educators & role-models

Maria & Eric

"When we met Alina, our son Erick, a very shy child, was having difficulties in his speech/ language and social development. In time, Alina not only managed to gain his trust, but also helped me as a mother to understand my son’s personality, how to help him socialize, and gave us the tools and resources necessary to help him develop his speech and language. Alina is a great speech therapist, as well as a great human being. What I like most about the way she works is that she focuses on Erick in a holistic way, taking into consideration all aspects of his personality. I felt supported a lot by Alina. These days, Erick is more social, and has progressed a lot in his speech and language. This is the consequence of having worked with a person like Alina, who has passion and love for what she does."

Hinde & Yasmin

"Before we started speech therapy with Alina, my 3-year old daughter Yasmin did not attach easily to adults. She always wanted to be only with me. With Alina it was different. She liked her the first time she saw her, and after the second session she wanted to go home with her. Now she asks for Alina every single day. She even pretends to talk to her on the phone. It is very unusual that she attached to her so quickly. Alina gave me useful advice on how to help Yasmin with her speech and language, and also on how to manage her behavior. Because Yasmin she was having difficulty transitioning to a new speech therapist, Alina volunteered to join in one of their sessions, which was very helpful. Alina is proactive, a wealth of knowledge, and a very kind person. Thank you so much Alina. You were amazing with Yasmin. You are the best!"

Helena & Avery

"Alina has been working with my 2-year-old daughter, Avery, with a speech delay. Over the past several months, we have noticed a substantial growth in her speech. Alina's sessions are not only fun and motivating, but they are organized and constructive. Alina's natural intuitiveness combined with her knowledge in psychology & behavior management help her to connect and understand my daughter as a whole. This creates a safe and comfortable atmosphere for learning. Alina is always eager to help us, as parents, know how to support and enhance Avery's growth and potential. We are fortunate to have Alina as Avery's first "teacher". She's enriched her life in so many ways. I firmly believe our children and community will benefit greatly from Alina and her approach."

Julie & Basil

"I cannot say enough about Alina Mihai and what an incredibly positive influence she's had on our 3 1/2 year old son, Basil. Not only has Basil's speech and comprehension improved considerably since he's been in her care for the past year and half, but he adores her, talks about her non-stop and always looks forward to her visits. Alina's technique possesses the perfect balance of structure and nurture that Basil responds to very well. She is incredibly knowledgeable, passionate and confident about what she does and goes above and beyond their hourly weekly sessions. She has stopped by our house on several occasions (off the clock) just to discuss the progress he's made. She's always on time and returns texts/calls within minutes. We feel beyond lucky to have found her and plan on never letting her go!"

Rosa & Yeroham

"Alina is outstanding, both as a person and as a professional! Her uniqueness exceeds all expectations. She is always prepared, knowledgeable, and capable of tackling any situation with a very sweet approach. My son loves her, and expects to see her as if he knew how to count the days. Alina has helped us overcome many difficulties in the areas of speech, language and behavior with our son. Hardly any words could be exact to explain what an amazing professional we have in Alina. We will forever be indebted and grateful for all the benefits that our son gained from Alina’s guidance."

Katherine & Ian

"Alina works wonderfully with children, she is compassionate and sensitive to their needs and wants in order to reach the most success. She pays a great deal of attention to functional goals (improving a child's communication for life - daily living), not just constant structured activities. Her intuitiveness works well in a childcare environment, and she is focused on keeping positive energy a main priority. I myself have learned so much from watching her work and have seen amazing results due to her efforts. She is amazing!"

Rebecca & Jake

"When we first started working with Alina, I did not know just how much we needed her. My son, Jake, has a global developmental delay, which means he is slower than most kids in every developing domain. He has struggled with gross motor, fine motor, cognitive and speech development, which resulted in behaviors that were very hard to work with. Through frustration and tantrums, Alina was able to build rapport and break through barriers I had only hoped for. Jake's communication increased, and his frustration decreased. Alina's methods started to bring other qualities out of Jake. He could suddenly focus, attend to activities, maintain joint attention, engage in pretend play and share with others. These skills generalized to his everyday life, at the playground and at home. Jake may still have a disability, but through working with Alina he will now have a head start on his future challenges in life. Alina has truly changed Jake’s life. Jake now waits at the door with a big smile on his face when he knows Alina is coming. We are truly blessed to have Alina in our lives."

Gabriela & Allison

"Before Alina began providing services for Allison, she was completely non-verbal, and her only form of communication was through smiling, pointing, etc. Over the course of the past few months, Allison has progressed tremendously. The teachers absolutely noticed the progression in her language, which initially started as single words such as ‚Äúyes‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúno‚ÄĚ, and advanced to full sentences. Allison has begun to talk, interact substantially more with her peers, and communicate with her teachers. As a result, besides her speech and language improvements, we‚Äôve also seen her personality flourish, all thanks to Alina. It has been a pleasure having her work with my student. Her teachers, as well as her parents, are equally grateful and appreciative of Alina‚Äôs hard work and dedication to the advancement of this child‚Äôs language development."


Remote Parent Coaching